NBC sucks. Really.

August 10, 2008

NBC promised to have live coverage of the Beijing Olympics this years but this isn’t so. Apparently there’s a tape delay for us folks on the West coast. “Live” coverage of Phelps going after his first gold was preempted by Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. I actually read about Phelps winning the gold on MSNBC before NBC aired it.  Way to go, boneheads.



  1. At least they are nice enough to keep the “Live” bug in the upper corner of the screen to make it seem like it’s live… does that count?

  2. Not only does NBC and Bob Costas suck, so do some of the American athletes, such as Dix and Sanya Richards, and so does the head of IOC, Rogge. The comments being made about the superhuman hero of the Olympics, Usain Bolt, smack of sour grapes, bad sportsmanship, being poor losers, and I can go on and one. Now that there is a level playing field and it’s getting more and more difficult for athletes to use performance-enhancing drugs, real natural atheletes such as Bolt and his fellow Jamaicans are now shining. It’s just a pity this has come a decade too late for former great Olympians such as Merelene Ottey, et al.

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