Wasilla, Alaskabama

September 1, 2008

That’s where America is headed if the McCain – Palin ticket succeeds. Palin’s hubby has a DWI and her 17 year high school senior daughter is 5 months pregnant. Too bad Palin’s daughter isn’t named Juno. The head lines could read “She’s fo shizz, up the spout.” I bet Palin would like to punch that Paulie Bleaker kid in the wiener.

I hope to Christ Palin is a rouse and the real nominee is announced soon.


One comment

  1. Don’t worry, it was only a hallucination.

    So was the economy. Imagine, selling a 30 year mortgages to folks who are unaware of 1974, and yet have 2 year auto leases, 3 year marriages, 18 months employment, and quarterly resumes. And these are the stable ones with 5 years of college.

    So 30 years is a reasonable contract for young 20 somethings to commit? If a health plan or a tax deferred 401K can’t survive then how is a usury home loan balloon gonna fly? Boy that hot air balloon sure did become a lead zepplin.

    Time to rock out.

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