What Would Jerry Do?

January 12, 2009

Ticket prices were just announced for the 2009 Dead spring tour. The average price for a seat is $100. WTF? That’s being very ‘unDead.’ I was expecting something along the lines of what Phish is charging for their tour, around $50. Not to mention it’s only the Core Four plus Warren. I’m disappointed they’d do this to the fans.

To quote Phil in an interview a few days ago:

Presale tickets go on sale January 13 — and even though sold-out shows have been a way of life for The Dead, Lesh isn’t taking their fan base for granted. “It’s rough times. Of course it’s an object of concern,” he says. “All you can do is play the best music you can, and hope people can get out to hear it.”

Yes Phil, you can hope people get out to hear the music, and I’m sure the reality will be much different. But you have to ask, if he were still around, what would Jerry do?

I hate to say it, but I’m going to boycott this tour and just wait for a summer Ratdog tour.


One comment

  1. I’ve not gone checking on my own but you say that the Average Ticket Price is 100 bucks? Ouch.

    Question from before I knew that — are they going to sell out each show?

    Questions now: they didn’t set the prices, did they? My guess is no one consulted Phil, Bobby, etc on what ticket prices should be. This is just what the market calls for now, *even* in a time when the economy isn’t strong.

    It’s like pro sports in America — they keep raising ticket prices and yearly attendance keeps rising. (Maybe baseball in 2009 will go down because of the economy but previous years have been record setters.) What does that mean? There are enough people to fill the seats at current prices. It does also mean some people can’t/won’t go because of they high cost but that’s Supply & Demand. Ticket price setters have no obligation to make sure everyone can afford to go. That’s just the way it is. If they set prices so high that only half the arena filled, they’d know after-the-fact that they screwed up. But I think they have a pretty good idea that the market can have $100 tix and arenas will fill just fine. Oh well.

    I have no doubt it’ll be great music but so will the recordings that we’ll have to always listen to once the tour is over… those will be free.

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