Recall Governor Jim Gibbons

January 16, 2009

Once again, Gibbons proved he’s the worst governor in the country. Tonight in his state of state address, he proposed the biggest cuts for higher education. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal,

“Of the $632 million Gibbons proposed cutting from the level budgeted in the previous two-year cycle, $473 million, or 75 percent, was to come from the university system. “

C’mon, Jim, get your head outta your ass. You know the secondary education system in Nevada is horrible and the higher education system is the glorified finishing school for Nevada’s high school grads. Most enter college without the basic skills necessary for a university education. I’ve been in this state for 10 years and here’s just one of my observations. I’ve known quite a few Nevadans who are products of their education system. Not one person I’ve met made it to pre-calculus in high school. I’ve known one who didn’t make it past Algebra 1 and another who received a D in Algebra 2. I’ve had countless students in my department take Algebra 2, trigonometry and pre calculus and pay college tuition for it. I’ve even had a few students refer to it as ‘retard math.’

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s the fault of any of these students. Like Mr. Miagi says “no bad students, only bad teachers.” But higher education should be exactly that: highereducation, not remedialeducation. Throw on top of that the burden of a $473 million budget cut, and one can see how much of a disadvantage Nevada’s college students have.

It would do Gibbons well to notice who Nevada voted for president. For the first time in a long time, if not ever, Nevada voted Democrat. Don’t go spouting red state rhetoric in a blue state. It’s time for Gibbons to be recalled.


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