moe. 5.26.09, Pine Mountain Amphitheater, Flagstaff, Arizona

May 27, 2009

Set One:
Sensory Deprivation Bank -> Blue Jeans Pizza, Queen Of Everything,
Four, Crab Eyes, Happy Hour Hero, Raise A Glass -> St. Augustine

Set Two:
Zed Naught Z, Moth -> Dr. Graffenburg -> Yodelittle -> Zed Naught Z ->
Moth- > meat., Johnny Lineup

No encore: After meat. Al stated that there would be no encore, but
they were taking requests. Johnny Lineup was that request.

First off, Pine Mountain Amphitheater is a great little venue. Holds about 2,000 people, but last night it was rumored that only 500 tickets were sold and I believe it. It’s situated among huge pine trees and with the clear sky last night, had a great view of the stars.

moe. was great, as usual and culminated in a great second set. Chuck and Al were trading leads and complimenting each other like only they can do. Rob’s bass added an extra dimension which allowed the songs to really get out there. Can’t wait to hear the soundboards of this one.


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