Do NOT vote for Sharon Angle

October 30, 2010

These tea baggers have no business in office. Sure, they do a good job of marketing the message that government is too big and the need to cut taxes, but the fact of the matter is the return to Reaganomics is a recipe for disaster. Remember what happened under Reagan? After 8 years, there was a stock market collapse followed by a big bailout. What happened under 8 years of Bush? A stock market crash followed by a bailout. Know what’s going to happen if rebuplicans/teabaggers get elected? C’mon people!!! Wake up!


One comment

  1. There seems to be a whole lot of what I like to call cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face. Remember when folks were saying we should vote for GWB in 2004 because you don’t change horses in the middle of a fight (or something like that)? I’m going to watch something on DVD tonight – the election returns are going to be crazy-making.

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